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This website is only suitable for those audiences who are not familiar with Zhou Ning and eager to know more about her.


It's a digital playground that documents what she does in great detail.

This website may be not suitable as a reference material for Zhou Ning's job hunting, business cooperation, dating, etc.

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Zhou Ning (she/her) is a queer artist born in Zhejiang, China in 1996. The work she produces are inspired by her personal history, dramas, and imagination, exploring issues such as gender, relationships, and mental health. She develops a tragicomic practice filled with her own narratives and usually presents those stories in a form of absurd and funny performances to make her experiences tolerable and shareable. 


Ning believes comedy and tragedy can grow together without losing their respective power. Therefore, she will say, her work is a blend of those two elements and the story focuses on herself, allowing her to better understand herself, and through this process build herself a happier future.

From 18 to 23 years old, Ning worked as a professional musician manager in Beijing, and studied Chinese literature and history at the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

From the age of 23 to 25, she moved to London and obtained a master's degree in Photography from the Royal College of Art. In the same year, she was selected as the future star in the art world by White Cube Gallery and The Times.

At the age of 26, she moved to Guangzhou, China and accidentally became a blogger, sharing her daily life experience of sorrow and pleasure as 'Straight Bangs Joni' on Chinese social media. Then in the last six months, she released her first solo music album 'Unremarkable Zhou', to share her unremarkable stories in the past unremarkable year, as an unremarkable person.

​Zhou Ning is a comedian, a photographer, a filmmaker, a musician and a dishwasher.


All in all, she is a joke itself.

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