Game is On

Hi my dear friends, this is my second music video ‘GAME IS ON’. I wrote this song during my 14-day centralized medical observation in Xiamen, China.


Lyrics were deeply inspired by this strict quarantine experience. To be honest, quarantine alone was not really fun. I got bored in the end and ran out of friends to talk to. Remained zero physically contact with the outside world, I hardly had things to do, only wandering between my past and my future plans. While sitting in front of my computer, I just realized that I actually held two most ‘useless’ degrees - literature and photography, which shaped me a very dramatic person but gave me no jobs in China.


The whole song was made via iPhone. All the chords were automatically played by the little goblins living inside IOS GarageBand. They had done some hard work. Thank you very much. Much appreciate.


I had been singing very loud in that room for two days, lived in a fear that someone would knock my door and told me to shut up. However, nobody did that. During the period, I had done two PCR test, so I guess my voice was better than ever since my nose and throat had been deeply cleaned up.


As I mentioned before, this song was not depressing, was not about money, was not a complain about life at all. 


The game is on now, make your grandma proud. Please enjoy.