Ning Zhou is a queer artist born in 1996. Her work combines photography, moving images and sound. The work she produces are inspired by her personal history, dreams, and imagination, exploring issues such as gender, relationships, and mental health. She usually presents them in a form of absurd and funny performances to make her stories tolerable and shareable.

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In 2019, I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder by three different psychiatrists. The manifestation of this disorder in me is that my emotions and self-awareness are always in an unstable state.

Besides seeing psychoanalysts and taking anti-depressants, I found that joking about my problems is also a good way to deal with my aggressiveness. Humour makes me feel protected and has made my problems tolerable and shareable. It is a form of mental processing, a coping mechanism that helps me deal with complex information.

In the past two years, I have been learning how to speak up my feelings and develop a tragicomic practice filled with my own narratives.

I believe comedy and tragedy can grow together without losing their respective power. Therefore, I will say, my work is a blend of those two elements and the story focuses on myself, allowing me to better understand myself, and through this process build myself a happier future.


2019 – 2021   MA Photography   Royal College of Art

2014 - 2018   BA Chinese Literature and History   University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences