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Only Dream Matters


“I want to slow down all the things I enjoy. Such as the journey of dreaming, happiness and the moment of orgasm. The slowness of thinking, the hesitation of action and the slack of language when I was drunk.”

“Only Dreams Matter” is a window installation created by Zhou Ning and Carina Tint, collaborated with Sean Raggett. Installed on the Christmas Eve of 2020 at 187 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich. #windows187

Back to that time, Zhou Ning and Carina Tint's work are both focusing on dreams but in different media. They firmly believe in the power of imagination in the subconscious mind. Ning is working on her experimental short film “Ensemble of Insomniacs” talking about the relationship between reality and dreams. Carina is running the life-term radio project “Dream Devourer - Mo Radio” that collects dreams and sounds. They selected photos and drawings from those projects, and together they occupied an entire building on the high street in Greenwich which used to be a law center.


Sending the best wishes to every passenger who may be passing by this dreamy building in this hardest time. 


Only Dreams Matter. 


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