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E n g aged

Director: Zhou Ning
Cast: Zhou Ning & Lamp Lee

Editor: Zhou Ning
Music: Zhou Ning

'E n g aged' was made during lockdown in the UK. Most of the scenes were shot at home, and a few were shot in outdoor spaces. The main line of the story is about an engaged couple who tried various methods to balance each other's weight. It tells the view of balance in the form of black humor. In another aspect, the film also calls on people to pay attention to the extra mental health challenges brought about by the epidemic.

E n g aged

This short film requires a password to watch because it may be depressing for some of the audiences. If you are willing to watch, please email me for the password.

E n g aged, 00:03:33, Moving images
'After the High Tide' RCA Degree show at Cromwell Place, 14-18 July 2021


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